Thursday, 27 December 2012

Some more photos of prototype dolls. First is another variation of the fully skinned redhead, haven't really got a name for her yet, however the main difference between her and the other is that she has no tattoo or black streak in her hair, but does come with a giant sword which is metal and fairly heavy.
Next is one I call Little Dark Riding Hood. She will come with a weapon, but at the moment i can't decide if she'll have nunchuks or a blade like the one in the picture. She will come packaged with the chair.
Finally for today we have an assassin called Mercury and will be the first in a short line of Spy Girl dolls, she comes equipped with a hand made machine gun as well as a one off headset. At this stage her headset and weapon are unpainted as is her face. As with all the dolls the boots are hand made and imported.
Still waiting on a shipment of doll blanks, but each day new supplies arrive...this morning for example some very nice boots arrived for the next version of later(>:))

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Some new photos of some of the dolls due for release in May at the Bristol Expo.
Some of the dolls have more work done on them than others....the costumes for the Prom Queen doll and the Magician are purely hand made. Still work to be done on all of them as these are purely works in progress at the moment. More photos to come as development continues(>:))
Progress of the magician doll. Apart from the boots the clothing is all hand made by my partner in crime.
More soon.(>:))

Saturday, 22 December 2012

This is the inaugural post for the chang31ings line of comics and toys. Below are some photos of the prototype chang31ings dolls. I hope you'll come back soon for some previews of the comic pages.