Thursday, 27 December 2012

Some more photos of prototype dolls. First is another variation of the fully skinned redhead, haven't really got a name for her yet, however the main difference between her and the other is that she has no tattoo or black streak in her hair, but does come with a giant sword which is metal and fairly heavy.
Next is one I call Little Dark Riding Hood. She will come with a weapon, but at the moment i can't decide if she'll have nunchuks or a blade like the one in the picture. She will come packaged with the chair.
Finally for today we have an assassin called Mercury and will be the first in a short line of Spy Girl dolls, she comes equipped with a hand made machine gun as well as a one off headset. At this stage her headset and weapon are unpainted as is her face. As with all the dolls the boots are hand made and imported.

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